SKI BIKES FOR RENT NOW - Pickup location: Littleton (West of Denver) - for riding at most Colorado Ski Resorts.


Is ski biking hard to learn?

Most people find that ski biking has a much shorter learning curve than skiing or snowboarding.  You will likely be able to do green slopes on your first day.

Who can ride?

Anyone who is physically able.  Small children would be unable to ride due you the ability to lift the bike onto the resort chair lifts.

Where to ride?

Most Colorado resorts allow ski biking, with more and more coming on board all the time. Our rentals are only allowed to be ridden in ski resorts, no sledding hills or back country skiing is allowed due to high probability of damage to the equipment.  Be sure to contact your ski area to be sure the rules apply to ski bikes. Use this link to get information on individual ski resorts. Do your research because their policies can change.

How do you get on/off a lift?

It is easier than you think. We recommend that as you are learning to ski bike, you restrict your riding to modern high-speed lifts (detachable chairs) that slow down as you load.  Stand next to the bike while waiting for the chair to get to you, one hand on the frame and the other on the handlebar grip.  As you sit down on the chairlift, lift the bike into a vertical position onto the chairlift seat right beside you.  The ski bike seat will be on the chairlift seat, and then hold the bike against your body to keep it secure in the vertical position.  To get off the lift, it’s the opposite.  Keep the bike vertical until you are ready to step off the lift, and as you stand up, bring the bike skis down to the ground and walk/jog off.  As you get better, you can hop on the bike and ride off. 

How do you transport the bike?

Many vehicle bike racks can accommodate the ski bikes with some extra straps. A truck or larger SUV is also nice.  If you choose to put the bikes inside a vehicle, be aware that the skis are very sharp and can damage your interior.  Please take steps to protect your interior. Colorado Ski Bikes will not be responsible to damage to your vehicle.

I have knee or back problems, can I ride a ski bike?

We are not doctors, and don’t play one on TV, and as with any sport, it can be as extreme as you make it. Many people with physical limitations have reported that they can ski bike as it is not as taxing on their physical ailments.  As always, it is up to the rider to determine, with their doctor, if any activity will be safe for them.  But ski biking is easy to learn, and easy on the body.

How do you stop or slow down?

Basically, just like skiing or snowboarding. With a little practice, you will be able to ‘drift’ the bike sideways, and slide to a stop.

How do you ride a ski bike?

It is very much like riding a regular bike.